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MUND cuffs feature a gentle level of compression that improves blood circulation and decreases muscle vibration during physical exercise.

Often used by Cycling athletes to protect against the wind and regulate thermoregulation, cuffs are currently an essential accessory for many athletes who want to improve muscle support and minimize fatigue in sports as diverse as athletics, trail running, handball, volleyball and cycling. Another advantage is being able to continue wearing your club t-shirt, in different thermal conditions.

This product features a high quality fabric and technology, which is simultaneously soft, light, resistant and extremely comfortable. The NYLCARE® fiber, with the addition of silver ions, produces a bacteriostatic effect, which prevents the proliferation of bacteria and has an anti-odor effect. The thermoregulating fiber fabric weighing only 39 grams (the pair) allows for high breathability and versatility for use throughout the year. The high manufacturing quality prevents the product from falling during the natural movement of the arms, as well as being very easy to put on and take off. The high comfort of use will make you forget you are using this accessory.

It is important to say that the compression level of the cuffs is significantly less than the compression of compression stockings or leggings. The aim is mainly to stabilize the muscles.

Main features of Nylstar NYLCARE® fiber:
- Bacteriostatic and anti-odor action, even after 100 washes
- Softness and protection, also suitable for sensitive skin
- Unbeatable comfort
- Excellent breathability
- Complete freedom of movement

Additional features:
- Low density composition and reduced weight
- Thermo-regulating fiber
- Unembossed MUND logo
- One size fits all, but very adaptable due to the great elasticity of the fabric
- Smooth seams
- Pre-washed and softened product