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Manga Advance CCL2
Manga Advance CCL2
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Manga Advance CCL2

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The SIGVARIS ADVANCE sleeve with class 2 graduated compression (20-36 mmHg) is, like the SIGVARIS TRADITIONAL sleeve , an excellent lymphedema treatment option.

Using materials that are gentler on the skin, the ADVANCE sleeve is very comfortable and effective. The new Oxinnov anti-slip band reduces the risk of friction and skin damage. Made with thread enriched with silver ions with anti-odor and anti-bacteria properties.

Product with placement up to the armpit. Undifferentiated use between left or right arm.

Composition: 50% polyamide, 28% Modal and 22% elastane. Beige color. Packaging contains 1 unit. Manufacturing quality made in Switzerland.


"Lymphedema is a side effect that can result from the treatment of breast cancer, or from the disease itself. It is characterized by abnormal swelling of the arm and hand, but also (sometimes) of the breast and chest wall. It appears when the lymphatic system loses the ability to effectively circulate fluids from the arm to the rest of the body, causing localized fluid accumulation."

"Compression therapy helps prevent more fluid from accumulating in the
fabrics. It can be applied in the form of elastic compression sleeves or by
pneumatic compression."

Information taken from the leaflet "Linfedema" published at